Alcohol & Gender

'Men and Alcohol' seminar series 2019/20

SHAAP and the Institute of Alcohol Studies, London, hosted four seminars in London and Edinburgh to investigate issues relating to men and alcohol. Each seminar focussed on a specific topic, with speakers invited to respond to pre-set questions.

Read the final report: Men and Alcohol: Key Issues, published in September 2020.



'Women and Alcohol' seminar series 2017

In conjunction with IAS, SHAAP hosted a series of four seminars held in London and Edinburgh throughout 2017 to investigate issues relating to women and alcohol. Each seminar focused on a specific topic, with speakers invited to respond to pre-set questions. Each was chaired by an eminent academic and intended to stimulate debate, challenge perceptions and encourage participants to think about future research and policy priorities. 

The report Women and Alcohol: Key Issues written by Victoria Troy and Dr Eric Carlin, pulls together the  findings from the seminars.



Men, women and alcohol Infographics

SHAAP funded infographics which highlight and challenge stereotypes around gender and alcohol by Prof Carol Emslie (Glasgow Caledonian University), Prof Niamh Fitzgerald (University of Stirling) and Dr Deborah Shipton (PHS). These are freely available for use in research and teaching, and are also suitable for social media use. Please contact SHAAP if you would like an electronic copy.

Infographics last updated in December 2019.

Infographic launch at the Scottish Parliament (March 2018)

Public launch of infographics at the Scottish Parliament in March 2018. Eric Carlin (then SHAAP Director) with MSPs Monica Lennon and Alex Cole-Hamilton.