Tackling Scotland's Alcohol Problem

Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

19th February 2020

Prevention is the foundation of public health policy and central to protecting and improving people’s health and well-being. Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is a key opportunity to put prevention where it belongs - at the heart of the European Union's (EU) health agenda. SHAAP and our partner Eurocare contributed to the plan as members of EPHA.

Read our joint statement.

SHAAP response to AHA Commission on Alcohol Harm

18th February 2020

Read SHAAP's response to the Alcohol Health Alliance's 2020 Commission on Alcohol Harm.

'Stand up and tell me your story': Video of new report on lived/living experience available to view

4th February 2020

The video and report of SHAAP's new research on lived/living experience was launched on 4th February 2020 at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and are now available to view and read here: https://www.shaap.org.uk/our-work/recovery.html

NEW! Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals

4th November 2019

On October 25, 2019 SHAAP released their updated publication 'Alcohol and Cancer: A Guide for Health Professionals'. The new guide has been welcomed by Scotland's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood:

"This is a fantastic resource for all health colleagues, and I encourage everyone to use it in conversations with their patients. As the Scottish Government's Alcohol Framework recognises, the link between alcohol and cancer is not sufficiently well known. Initiatives to raise awareness about cancer and alcohol are really important for our population health, and I'm delighted to support this work from SHAAP."

Read the brochure here

MUP One year on: read the latest impact assessments

17th October 2019

Read NHS Health Scotland's 2019 reports assessing different impacts of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol since it was introduced in Scotland last year:

- on Alcohol Sales: http://www.healthscotland.scot/media/2587/mesas-monitoring-report-2019.pdf

- on Compliance within retail sector: http://www.healthscotland.scot/publications/minimum-unit-pricing-evaluation-compliance-study

- on impacts on the alcohol industry: Read the report by Frontier Economics

Alcohol Occasional July 2019: 'Heineken in Africa'

9th May 2019

SHAAP and SARN (Scottish Alcohol Research Network) held a very successful extra 'Alcohol Occasional' event on July 9th at RCP Edinburgh, featuring Dutch investigative journalist Olivier van Beemen who introduced his latest book: 'Heineken in Africa: a multinational unleashed'.

Watch an interview with the author.

Read the report

SHAAP is now proud sponsor of Scottish Womens Football

7th March 2019

SHAAP is delighted to announce it has today become proud sponsor of the Scottish Women's Football National Performance League and very happy to be associated with positive health messages embraced by Scotland's female footballers. Read the press release

Pathways to Recovery Event 15th January 2019 - Report

21st February 2019

Read our brief report of the event held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, organised by SHAAP and addressed by Monica Lennon MSP, which brought together alcohol misuse survivors, people in recovery and organisations supporting them in their journey. The summary outlines key priorities identified by the workshops held.


Just out: reports from December and January 'Occasionals'

18th February 2019

Read about Visibility and Voice within the Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement and an evaluation of the 'Drink Wise, Age Well' interventions.

View now

FYFA Focus on Youth Football & Alcohol - New report out now

17th December 2018

Read SHAAP/Eurocare's new review of international sporting bodies' alcohol marketing policies in relation to young people. The evidence shows that increased exposure to alcohol advertising leads to increased consumption among youth; sporting organisations must take more responsibilitity for preventing alcohol harms and remove alcohol marketing from sporting events.

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