Routes to Magic: Report summary

Routes to Magic: Report summary

This research briefing summarises the findings of a research study undertaken by Dr Oona Brooks, the Institute for Social Marketing, at the University of Stirling and the Open University on behalf of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP). The report examines the use of new media to market leading alcohol brands in the UK.

Overall, the research found that the use of social networking sites to promote alcohol is a matter of serious concern due to the youth appeal of these sites, the difficulties associated with enforcing age restrictions, the relative lack of regulation and the sheer volume of promotional messages. The extensive use of new media to market alcohol represents a proliferation of alcohol branded messages directed at consumers. Of particular concern, is the extent to which much of the material contained within both the alcohol brand websites and social networking sites contravenes the spirit of the CAP Codes on alcohol advertising.

Recommendations are provided.

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