Alcohol-related Liver Disease: Guidance for Good Practice

Alcohol-related Liver Disease: Guidance for Good Practice

The aim of this Guidance is to optimise the multi-disciplinary care provided nationally to facilitate improved survival and optimum health in those affected by alcohol-related liver disease. We present high-level actions for implementation across Scotland, prioritising alcohol-related liver disease for intervention by alcohol services and ensuring high-quality acute medical care for patients with alcohol-related liver disease. To complement and underpin these, we present a series of recommendations for an inclusive care pathway for all phases of alcohol-related liver disease.

Action 1

Specialist alcohol services should prioritise patients with evidence of alcohol-related liver damage for intervention. Services should actively, repeatedly and assertively engage with clients with alcohol-related liver damage.

Action 2

Patients admitted to hospital with alcohol-related liver failure should be managed immediately, in accordance with national guidelines, be reviewed by a physician with expertise in liver disease and be engaged with an alcohol treatment service prior to discharge.

Action 3

Health boards and Integrated Joint Boards should facilitate the organisation of services to allow the operation of the care pathway recommendations.

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