SHAAP/IAS Report: Women and Alcohol: Key Issues

SHAAP/IAS Report: Women and Alcohol: Key Issues

This report draws out and expands upon discussions from a series of seminars co-hosted by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) and the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) in 2017.

Recommendations for Research

  • Better collaboration between researchers, practitioners, women’s rights groups, and those with lived experience of alcohol related harm.
  • Research should be undertaken to identify interventions including, small scale and local activities, which have been implemented in an attempt to reduce alcohol related harm to women. This research will provide an understanding of the types and content of interventions available and can be used to establish a basis for research where the effectiveness of these interventions can be assessed.
  • Rigorous research should be undertaken to improve understanding of how alcohol marketing is used in social media and how this and other forms of new technology could be regulated.
  • Research should be undertaken to explore how the French ‘Loi Évin’ might be adapted to the UK context.

Recommendations for Policy

  • Population level policies that restrict price and availability of alcohol are needed.
  • Restrictions should be in place for all forms of alcohol marketing, including online, which employ sexualised and disrespectful images and messaging relating to women.
  • To combat exploitative marketing within the night-time economy, it may be beneficial to review licensing legislation and enforcement options.
  • Drawing on research evidence, legislation comparable to the ‘Loi Évin’ model should be implemented.
  • More needs to be done to educate women about the alcohol industry’s aims and how they are using marketing strategies which subvert feminism and manipulate women.
  • Ensure that reliable and credible public health information about alcohol is available and accessible to all women. This information should be free from the influence of commercial operators.

Recommendations for Service Providers

  • All alcohol-related services should aim to provide increased availability of / improved access to women only spaces. There should be increased availability of residential treatment and recovery support for women and children.
  • There should be increased availability of services, including online, where women can access support, while remaining anonymous.
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