Consultation Responses

Official SHAAP responses to consultations from government and other sources.

15th Mar 2012

SHAAP Response to Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Law Regulating the Sale and Supply of Alcohol in Northern Ireland

15th Feb 2012

SHAAP Response to Northern Ireland public consultation on The Draft Road Traffic (Drink Driving) (Amendment) Bill

15th Jan 2012

SHAAP Response to Department of Health’s Review of the Balance of Competencies: Health

15th Jun 2010

SHAAP Response to the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport Consultation on Product Placement on Television

15th May 2010

SHAAP Submission to the Scottish Parliament Health Committee on the Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill

15th Apr 2010

SHAAP Response to Consultation on Options for Improving the Information on the Labels of Alcoholic Drinks in the UK

15th Jan 2010

SHAAP Submission on the Treasury Review of Alcohol Pricing and Taxation