Tackling Scotland's Alcohol Problem

Consultation Responses

Official SHAAP responses to consultations from government and other sources.

15th Oct 2016

SHAAP Response to Scottish Government Police Powers to Search Children and Young People for Alcohol consultation

13th Sep 2016

SHAAP Response to Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy consultation

15th Jul 2016

SHAAP Response to House of Lords Select Commitee on the Licensing Act 2003 consultation

15th Jun 2016

SHAAP Response to Appendix 3 of World Health Organisation (WHO) Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020 consultation

15th Apr 2016

SHAAP Response to UK Government Soft Drink Industry Level consultation.doc

15th Mar 2016

SHAAP Response to Scottish Government Scottish Health Survey consultation.doc

15th Feb 2016

SHAAP Response to Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for Communities Licensing and Registation of Clubs (Amended) Bill consultation

15th Jan 2016

SHAAP Response to Government of Malta National Alcohol Policy consultation

15th Jul 2015

SHAAP Response to the Scottish Government's Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health and Criminal Justice Bill)

15th Jun 2015

SHAAP Response to EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) 2010/13/EU Consultation

15th Apr 2015

SHAAP Response to European Commission Review of Existing Legislation on the Structures of Excise Duties on Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages

15th Feb 2015

SHAAP Response to Welsh Government Draft Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) Bill

15th Apr 2014

SHAAP Contribution to the Alcohol Health Alliance Response to the NICE Consultation on Alcohol Use Disorders Guidence Review

15th Mar 2014

SHAAP Response to the Scottish Government's Air Weapons & Licensing Bill

15th Feb 2014

SHAAP Response to the House of Lords Inquiry into the EU Alcohol Strategy

15th Jan 2014

Transcript of SHAAP Submission to the Select Committee on the European Union Home Affairs, Health and Education - Inquiry on The EU Alcohol Strategy

15th Apr 2013

SHAAP Response to Department of Health’s Review of the Balance of Competencies: Health

15th Jan 2013

Further Option for Alcohol Licensing: Consultation Paper (Scottish Government)

15th Jun 2012

SHAAP Response to WHO Discussion Paper on Monitoring framework and targets for the prevention and control of NCDs

15th May 2012

SHAAP Response to UK Government Health Committee Alcohol Strategy call for evidence

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